3 ways to get your resolutions back on track!

As we head into February some of you may be thinking, “What happened to my resolution?” How did I lose it already? We all get off track, and it’s ok! Don’t beat yourself up. You CAN get back on track; it just takes a little motivation…

#1. Motivation. Yes you need to find that motivation again! What caused you to make this resolution in the first place? Trying to get back in shape? Have a wedding dress to fit in? Whatever your motivation…JUST GET IT BACK!

#2. Cut the but! Stop making excuses for why you fell off the wagon and just get back on! Nobody cares how busy you’ve been, or that your guests stayed a couple days longer than expected, or that you had to use those gifts cards before they expired…

#3. Nobody likes a quitter! If you said you were gonna do something, do it! Don’t give up, you can do this. Everyone in your life wants you to succeed and nobody likes to see failure. Remember, failure is an event, NOT A PERSON!

I hope this was the boost you needed…a kick in the rear! It’s short, but straight to the point!

God Bless,

Dr. Matt McNabb