A Shot to the Heart



The heart: An amazing organ that beats approximately one hundred thousand times per day! As we wrap-up “Heart Month” I’d like to shed a little light on a topic that make my blood boil: Statin Drugs.

Cholesterol medications are taken by one in four Americans, ages 45 and older. There are roughly 127 MILLION Americans over age 45 on statins alone. They are the #1 selling prescription drug in America. In the last 10 years the amount of people on statin drugs has dramatically increased. But what if Cholesterol wasn’t the problem? What if cholesterol had virtually nothing to do with Cardiovascualr disease? More over, what if statin drugs were doing MORE HARM than good?

That seems to be the case. Dr. Oz did a controvertial episode suggesting everything we know about cholesterol is WRONG. You can see that video here.

So on top of the fact that statin drugs are worthless and have very little to do with lowering your chances of Cardiovascular disease, it seems more and more research is emerging pointing to the dangers of these drugs. The latest research found here reveals that more frequent statin drug use is associated with accelerated coronary artery and aortic artery calcification, both of which greatly contribute to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.

What is perhaps most alarming about this new finding is that statin drugs have already been shown to significantly increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, prompting the FDA on Feb. 27th, 2011, to add “diabetes risk” to the warning label of all statin drugs marketed in this country.

Wait, so not only do statins likely induce type 2 diabetes in susceptible populations, but they also ACCELERATE the cardiovascular complications associated with the disease? I thought statins are supposed to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, not accelerate it…

What to do: Well if you watch or read more of the Dr. Oz episode the Doctors state the most important tests to get to assess the real risk of cholesterol and heart disease. It’s called the particle size test. Google it.

What else? How about getting off your butt and exercising! Studies show that high intensity exercise for just 12 minutes/day is far more beneficial for weight loss than that boring “cardio” of 45 minutes on the treadmill. And the fact is those closer to their ideal weight are far less likely to develop heart disease. If you don’t have 12 minutes/day to exercise, you’re doing something wrong in your life!

What foods can help reduced cardiovascular disease? FAT! Healthy fats like cod-liver oil, sardines, almonds, cashews, walnuts, salmon, chickpeas, and barley…to name a few.

If you know someone on a statin drug please share this information with them, and expose them to the peer-reviewed and published research that already exists on potential naturals alternatives: My friends at GreenMedInfo have put this together.

God Bless, Dr. McNabb

Is your “Check-Engine” light on?


What do you do when your check engine light comes on?

A). Put some new gas in your car?

B). Remove the exhaust pipe?

C). Pour mustard gas over the distributor?

D). Put a piece of duct tape over the light?

E). Figure out WHY the light came on

I sure hope you chose E! Most of us would even think of any of those as an option. Yet every day, millions of Americans try to cover up or treat their symptoms by popping pills, removing pieces, or poisoning themselves. That seems a little strange to me.

Yet we live in a fast-paced, quick-fix society. Instead of finding the CAUSE of our problems we like to ignore them and pretend like everything is ok. And the truth is, most of us take better care of our cars than we do of ourselves!!!

It’s not difficult to be pro-active with your health. instead of ignoring your body or looking for ways to cover up your symptoms, take control of your health. Stop thinking about what you can put in or cut out and start thinking about how to take care of what God has given you.

God gave us the gift of life. It is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living it well!

Take action and seek help! Don’t wait until it’s convenient or until it’s too bad!

God Bless,
Dr. Matt McNabb ⚡️⚡️⚡️

The “C” word

I’m walking around town with my beautiful fiance in my “Cancer Killer” t-shirt and I get all kinds of crazy looks. I’ve seen people whisper, stare, and walk in the other direction. At first I thought they were all amazed by her beauty…but then I realized, it was the shirt!

The “C” word gets people emotional. Everyone now-a-days knows somebody affected by cancer. And when we hear that word a certain level of fear creeps into our souls. I think that’s because of the association people make with cancer like: sickness, death, chemotherapy, and radiation. That’s because we have all been programmed to think that way. We’ve been BRAINWASHED into thinking the only road that follows cancer is sickness, death, chemotherapy, and radiation. Those are the treatment options 95% of the time. But did you know that 75% of the oncologists polled said that if they or a family member were diagnosed with cancer that they WOULD NOT do chemotherapy?

Yeah…that’s scary!

A recent article published in Cancer Epidemiology,  Bio-markers and Prevention showed that long term use of statin drugs more than double your risk for breast cancer.

Enough is enough! Conventional Medicine is falling short and the only reason there is no widespread CURE in medicine is because there is no MONEY in finding a cure. There’s too much money in chemotherapy and radiation for there to be a new cure.

The truth is, THERE IS A CURE! It’s called: Getting to the cause. Find the cause of the cancer (or insert other sickness/disease here) and you’ll find the cure. Remove the cause (usually a sick body/person/organ(s)) and you have your cure. It’s just that simple.

To learn how to get to the cause, go here: http://www.beacancerkiller.com/

God Bless,

Dr. Matt McNabb




The right way to exercise


I get asked all time what kind of exercise is best. And no I’m sorry, but “chasing your kids around” does not constitute as exercise. And neither does “I have a tough job.”
If you heart rate isn’t elevated to a certain point for a specific amount of time then it doesn’t count! So does that mean you have to spend hours in the gym? What’s the best kind of exercise?

Lets face it: nobody enjoys running on the treadmill for 45 minutes. The Elliptical is no different. And if you ride a bike for 45 minutes you may other problems.

According to research, the high intensity short duration “Burst” training is the BEST type of exercise for just about everyone. Whatever your fitness goals are; lose weight, build muscle, train for an upcoming poker tournament, the high intensity route is the way to go!

But wait, this maybe the best news yet: you can all the benefits of other types of exercise, even more, in just 12 minutes per day! WHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!

By maximizing your intensity and efforts, you can burn fat for up to 36 hours POST workout. This is called the “after-burn effect” and this is great news for those trying to lose weight. By getting your heart rate up to an optimal rate during exercise, your bodies metabolism is kicked into high gear and stays elevated for an extended period of time. This increases lean muscle strength and healthy hormone response. It also has positive effects on cardiovascular health, memory, mitochondrial production and efficiency, and brain function!

Unfortunately, with the classic slow-paced cardio, your heart never makes it to this point and therefor once you turn that machine off, your metabolism slows down quickly. Not only that, but depending on how long your cardio session was, you can also put your body into a catabolic state. This state is also referred to as muscle wasting. By stressing your body during the 45 minute run, cortisol levels increase and growth hormone levels decrease. What does that mean? Lets take a look at the damaging affects of prolonged increased cortisol levels:

Cortisol increases: blood sugar, stress, abdominal fat, cholesterol, acidity in the blood, fat storing, and appetite.
Cortisol suppresses: fat burning, exercise recovery, cognitive function, thyroid function, bone density, and lowered immunity

There are many programs and studios doing this high intensity training: most notably cross fit and orange theory fitness. There are also the DVD versions you can do at home including Insanity, MaxT3, and 10 minue trainer. You can choose which one you like the best. They all have some pros and cons. I’m a big fan of MaxT3 and insanity. MaxT3 is very short (only 12 minutes/day) and the results are amazing! Insanity takes about 45 minutes and is no slouch either! You can also add in some treadmill, elliptical, or bike work but it needs to be in that high intense intervals.

Whatever workout program you do committing to it is the most important thing. Get on a schedule/routine and do it at least 3 times/week. Dedicate time to exercise and ONLY exercise. Leave you smartphone in the car, minimize chatting to others, and stay focused!

God Bless!
Dr. Matthew J. McNabb