Gone Are the Days…

Gone are the days when men take their hats off in a public building. Gone are the days when you have to go to the public library and rent out a book just to learn about history. Gone are the days where a single Chiropractic adjustment can clear out interference in a persons body and that person can be well… Wait…WHAT? Where did that come from? Let me elaborate. This is a health blog. And before you click away, take your finger off the mouse and read on!

So much new information, new habits, new technology, new everything; Has led to a society of Subluxated, fragmented, disease-ridden, sad people. For those that don’t know, the word Subluxation refers to “interference” in the nervous system that disrupts the ability of the your brain to effectively communicate with the rest of the body, or that part of the body that is subluxated.

Yesterdays Chiropractors (I mean early 1900’s) simply adjusted the spine. Many of them in fact only adjusted one bone! Yet person after person was getting well, being “cured” of sickness and ailments, news was spreading like wild-fire, and Chiropractic was growing faster than medicine! But the birth of technology and new innovative ways of growing and manufacturing consumer goods (food, water, etc…) has led to a society of fast-paced lifestyle. The “grab-and-go” mentality has taken over our culture. We live in an age where having everything you could possibly ever need on your PHONE isn’t even enough. If there’s something faster, we want it. We want our information now and we’re not going to wait for it. This on-the-go lifestyle has lead us to neglect some of the basic principles of health. We don’t have time to cook, we don’t have time to exercise, we don’t have time to meditate or sleep more or pray…

Unfortunately, this lifestyle has lead us to more sickness, more suffering, more disease, more surgeries, more hospitalizations, more bankruptcies, and more deaths.

Take a step back and think about how much time you actively put into promoting health. How many hours per week do you spend exercising? How often do you cook at home? How many hours do you sleep each night? How many hours do you spend growing your relationship with God? When was the last time you detoxed, fasted, or cleansed?


You can exercise in MINUTES per week and get better results than those that spend hours on the treadmill. You can grow your relationships in MINUTES per week. You can cook healthy meals in MINUTES per week. The can detox or cleanse in MINUTES per week. The trick is learning how. How can we MAXIMIZE our time and efforts and get on the right path to health? Because the truth is: either you’re moving towards health or sprinting towards disease.

Maximized Living has figured it out! Following the 5 Essentials of Health are quite simple once you learn and master them. I’ll admit it may not be easy to master them but now that I have I’m healthier, fitter, happier, stronger, more energized, and better than ever!

Those who don’t find time for their health must soon find time for disease.

Everyone know eating well and exercising are important essentials to your health. But if you’re only doing those 2, even if you’re 100% with those 2 essentials, you’re still missing 3 vital essential components to your health.

Get on the right path. Find a Maximized Living Doctor near you and take control of your life and your health!

God Bless!

Dr. McNabb