Take this twice a day for…how long?

In America, when we have a symptom arise, we generally go to the doctor. Lets say you’re having chest pain. You go to your doctor, he does some testing and says “you have high blood pressure.” Don’t worry though because there’s a pill for that. He writes on his prescription pad and gives you a copy and says “fill this, take twice a day and that should get your blood pressure down.” Great! A cure! Or is it? I think we missed the part where he said how long we’ll have to be taking this high blood pressure medication for. He didn’t say. So what do we do? Take it for a couple weeks then stop? Oh no no no…you’ll be on that medication for much longer than that. In fact, the majority of patients placed on high blood pressure medications never come off!

Studying these medications can be quite hairy. I’d rather not go into great detail about all the flaws of clinical trials. I would however like to point out that the duration most medications are studied is very short term. Lisinopril (HBP medication) for example, was studies only 12 weeks before it was cleared by the FDA. 12 weeks? That’s only 3 months! Who do you know that has ever gone on a medication and stopped just 3 months after taking it? I know people on Lisinopril for the past 13 years. This drug wasn’t studied for 13 years, yet the time frame we’re told to take it doesn’t exist. This, unfortunately holds true for many pharmaceuticals. Remember Vioxx? If not, read up on it:
Vioxx info

Don’t get me wrong; There is a time and place for medicine. If your blood pressure spikes to 196/140…that’s an emergency situation and needs to be lowered. But over the next few months, lets find out WHY your blood pressure spiked. Lets find the CAUSE! Maybe you’re overweight. Maybe you eat fast food 5 or more times per week. Maybe you haven’t lifted anything besides a spoon in a while. Whatever the reason(s) lets find the cause and eliminate it.

Where to start: I’m sure we all know by now that there isn’t a lack of information out there. I’m not the first person to create a blog about health. There are more diet and exercise books available to fill the New York Public Library. So people often ask, “Where do I start?”

Well, for starters, put down the potato chips and grab some spinach. You must train your brain to think like a healthy person first. Begin surrounding yourself with healthy options. When you eat a salad think about how much better it is for you than fast food burgers. Just start exercising! If you’re one of the thousands of people who sign up for a gym and haven’t been there since January, get to the gym! Just start moving…

Once you start to re-program yourself to think like a healthy person, you’ll make healthier options. Maximized Living encompasses the 5 Essentials to health. I strive to be a perfect 10 in all 5 essentials:

1. Maximized Mind: Time management, stress management, adequate sleep, spiritual relation with God, positive thinking.
2. Maximized Nerve Supply: Correcting the spine and removing any interference in the nervous system to allow your body to function at its peak level
3. Maximized Nutrition: Giving the body the proper nutrients at the proper time allows for optimal cell growth and repair
4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle: Exercise allows your body to take in higher levels of oxygen and creates lean muscle that keeps both your body and mind healthy.
5. Minimized Toxicity: Toxins and chemicals surround us in our everyday lives and are included in items such as medications, refined foods, household cleaners and the items we cook with

If you work and focus on these 5 areas of your life you will begin a journey towards health and freedom and stray away from the path of sickness and imprisonment.

Still confused? Start Here: http://www.maximizedliving.com/HealthEssentials.aspx

If you need help, don’t just Google exercise or diets. Learn the correct information and proper way of doing things so you can MAXIMIZE your results! Click above to find a health center near you.

In health,

Dr. McNabb

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
~ Philippians 4:13

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