Your body was designed to heal itself!

Let’s say you get a paper cut on your leg today. Take a look at that cut 2 weeks later; chances are it will be fully healed. That same cut on a dead person will look the same in two weeks as it does today. I know that’s a little gruesome but also pretty awesome…Your body was designed to heal itself!

What controls all function and healing in your body? What tells your body to heal that cut? Your brain! Your brain is the best doctor in the world, the best computer, and the best coordinator. We heal from above-down-inside-out. Our brains tell the rest of our body what to do through our nervous system. Your brain (ABOVE) sends signals DOWN your spinal cord and out the nerves to every single cell, tissue, and organ in your entire body (INSIDE-OUT).
In fact, this is how you were made! From the neural streak forms the brain, then the spinal cord, then, like fruit on a tree come our organs and limbs.

What am I saying? I’m saying our bodies want to be healthy. I’m saying we were designed to heal without outside factors like drugs, lotions or potions. But we must first address the system that controls all function and healing in the body…the central nervous system! You can give the dead body the best foods, medications, and surgeons in the world and that paper cut still won’t heal; because its missing that power inside coming from the brain.

Your central nervous system is the only system in your body completely encased in bone. Your skull protects your Brain and your vertebral column protects your spinal cord and nerve roots. If you crush your skull, instead of protecting your brain, your skull is now negatively affecting it. Similarly, if your spine is misaligned putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, it too can have negative affects. Some warning signs of nervous system damage include, but are not limited to:
Neck pain
Back pain
High blood pressure

If you have any of the above, get checked.

Remember: information without action is dead
Either you just wasted 5 minutes of your life, or you’ll take action and do something to bring you 1% closer to health. The choice is yours!

Action steps:
1. Avoid paper cuts
2. Get your nervous system checked find a doc here

In health,
Dr. McNabb⚡⚡⚡